About Shelly

Shelly Georgopulos is an American Fiber Artist who works from her studio in the Philadelphia suburbs. She learned to love embroidery as a child while stitching with her Grandmother and Aunt.  Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Shelly's style is as varied as her interests with one commonality: meticulous attention to detail. 

Starting with the 2016 presidential campaign and election, Shelly felt the need to use fiber art as a voice in this divisive time in media, politics and history. She still loves stitching botanicals and flowers but also explores women's rights, human rights, feminism and social activism with her art.

Immediately following the US election, Shelly participated in her first group exhibit in order to connect with other artists and participate in the movement to shift embroidery from craft to contemporary art. 

Recent group shows and collaborations include:

  • Nasty Women (Philadelphia, PA) 
  • Feminist Fiber Art (Boston, MA)
  • Needlework: Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance (Duluth, MN)
  • Cirque De Freak (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Vulvacular (NYC, NY)
  • UDHR Quilt Project (Worldwide and ongoing) 

She also loves teaching and sharing what she's learned from a lifetime playing with a needle and thread. Stitch tips can be found in the blog and the tutorials.

Art, hand embroidered jewelry and digital patterns are available for purchase in the shop. 



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