Shelly Who?

Well hello there folks! 

My name is Shelly (surprise) and I started stitching for REAL in January of 2016. I wasn't entirely sure where I was headed with my embroidery; I just happened to have a ton of time on my hands where I was literally strapped to my sofa either dealing with an injury or in post-op recovery mode. Maybe more on that in another post. Maybe not. The only thing that made me feel remotely productive and eased the anxiety of a high energy person forced to sit was stitching. My Polish Grandma taught me to embroider ages ago and it was always something I reached for when I felt a creative itch or found myself sidelined from life.

Stitching to keep my hands and mind busy generated gifts and then custom orders from friends. When I ran out of friends to stitch for I started decorating my walls and shelves and basically built an inventory. I opened an Etsy shop in October of 2016.

What else? 

I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my two amazingly brilliant kids (9 and 10) and adoring husband. As I write this the daughter is barfing in a bathroom down the hall but I'm on a roll here so I'm not getting up to go pat her back. When the husband reads this he will say, "That's awful!" but he knows it's true. The guilt now has me so I'm going to go check. She's fine; short hair means nothing to hold back. Before having the kids I made my fortune selling cars which means I occasionally assert "trust me; I'm a former used car salesman."

I grew up in the Catskills on a farm where my parents still live with a handful of goats, cows, donkeys, chickens, guinea hens, the occasional pig and too many cats and dogs. Some of the places I've lived include Boston, Paris, ski towns in Colorado and Wyoming, and on the banks of Lake Moxie near a tiny town in Maine called The Forks where the Kennebeck and Dead river meet. My favorite colors are green and orange. If the kids leave their stuff laying around for too long I give it away, I'm a terrific whistler and a big extrovert. My goal for this blog is to share what inspires me, learn what excites you, feature other artists and speak out on topics like, oh, i dunno ... human rights. 

Thank you so much for reading this and while you're here, check out the embroidery; I hear it makes a fantastic gift.