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Why Lemonade?

I put down my skates (and bike and snowboard and hockey stick and running shoes, etc.) to pick up the needle in January of 2016 when I abruptly found myself in a wheelchair. One day I was at practice, the next I had some fluid drained from my knee and then BOOM: pain so bad I couldn't walk. It was inconceivable that I was an athlete one day and unable to walk the next. I set about finding a solution and pulled out my sewing box. Some people self medicate with food and alcohol; my drug of choice is fabric and floss.

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Shelly Who?

I live in a suburb of Philadelphia with my two amazingly brilliant kids (9 and 10) and adoring husband. As I write this the daughter is barfing in the toilet but I'm on a roll here so I'm not getting up to go pat her back. 

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